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[Legion] About Legion lv 9 reward

Hey guy, I just upgrade my legion lv9 today, and get my first battle reward...
( C/ n3 o" M0 \2 n5 IWhat do you think about this?
: z. b7 l4 o8 } M; k7 d: ]) A( h( P

hopefully a gold ninja hehe, my legion level 7 rewards are so lame. what do you usually get bra?


Its pointless to get Legion Level 9 coz its very very Rare to Drop Gold Ninjas, its just like .00000000001% chance to get it. lol


if you already upgraded your legion to level 9, im assuming that you dont have much use for  more red ninjas.. except maybe for synthing. still nice though. oh wait.. did the building have a looks upgrade?


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