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VIP Gold Ninja Hot Sale

Players may found the wrong event date in game, please don’t worry about this, we will fix it later.

Firstly, players should  renew your VIP first, so that they can attend this event.

6-18-2013 02:27

Secondly, Choose one of three gold ninjas and click ‘Bring Home’.

6-18-2013 02:27

Thirdly, after you pick one then system will remind you that it costs ‘4000 gold to continue, are you sure’, please make sure you wanna it or cancel it.

6-18-2013 02:27

6-18-2013 02:27

Last, when you click ‘ok’ for sure, system will actually 3200 gold in your account, because there is 20% off for VIP purchasing.

6-18-2013 02:27

1. Make sure that you wanna do it before click ‘ok’.
2. There’s only one chance to claim one of 3 gold ninjas.

Pockie Ninja II Social Operation Team
June 18th ,2013


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