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[Question] Sacred Emissary Jutsu?

Post Last Edited by Ashriel at 7-12-2012 14:01
, B5 \% l& d" e! XPockie Ninja II Social
- C8 `* q  U" n+ P; X( l) RIs this a typo or what?
0 n. {: X; v+ G6 Q+ ]1 gPockie Ninja II Social
0 D! G' F! Q+ }% PKonan's ultimate jutsu gives +2 movement?) y) I" T) B* E" [# z' T' e2 D7 }, C
I mean in the manga/anime it Almost killed tobi.Pockie Ninja II Social, t5 C9 N( T* Q- G, V
0 ?7 S% h9 H3 ~
Also it has the same effect as a lower tier `3 S: n0 Q; z4 z3 w$ e
A Red skill has the same effect as a Violet skill.# ?3 e& {- _# @* P4 j; O8 U

9 p6 C+ L: ^. v  k# A1 _: \: K+ d4 J, w6 c1 O5 t

1 m) ^  i& I' Z% zManga / Anime effect :

It became attack range +2 now. It's still useless in my A2 t5 s& A/ L; q: r" q8 g" k# d

1 x8 H# k, Z; ZPockie Ninja II SocialI suggest this skill became a damage to "Square"  ability like water wall.Pockie Ninja II Social) x' v. I! V8 {5 h, P
It will make more sense that way.
. }7 {& }9 V3 M3 d6 R: @, ?' t- d9 U/ C! i4 b4 T
Or target all like Amaterasu


I think too that its better to change the body flicker skill effect it is one of the best jutsu's in anime it shouldn't just give you +2 movment without doing any damage i sopport Ashriel with the idea of hiting several opponents or at last hiting it twice becouse it too fast or what ever .


It's an ok skill, BTW I like the skill I use that on my deidara and even my deidara has low health but he has high attack, the trick is equip a ninja with that skill and put him at the back lane and cover him with your other chars and auto combat, he will never get hit because wherever the opponent is he can hit it and he is invulnreable because of the ninjas covering him, I recommend when using this skill your char must have a very high attack power


yeah.. i feel u bro.. i have that skill in my skill inventory... and i keep starring at it. How can this extremely great named jutsu give me a f*ck*ng +2 range!!! whats the logic behind??!!!


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