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[Question] Help Me! Somebody?

hi guys, i'm level 35 and still didn't know how to use ENHANCE BOOST.

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- }8 g9 U6 V8 j1 H  w8 j+ v' {' W
  D( u; U. q1 }% O6 W2 to your ninjas, next to friend button bottom right of screen, use enhance boost or ryo to upgrade their attack/hp, i think thats it.
4 O: E4 a" Z0 F4 F! v
! |7 p. ^, |  L3 u% zthe screen where the basic ninjutsu 1, 2 & unique skill is located
+ m) c& A+ w, E. @3 {/ G3 t- j6 `* r3 p- _* t
"use it at ninja interface to enhance ninja attribute" -enhance boost


lol. didn't notice that. thank you for help. because i got hundreds of it but didn't know how to use it


no problem


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