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How to claim OBT Pack?

Hello, I have spent more than 300 gold in the game and want to claim OBT Pack. On the official site its written, S4 Z5 k: ?( x5 ]* J+ c9 | s& J; S. _1 D0 q% T( n
But I couldnt find any posibility to get this pack 5 e# z; d8 W( k% ?2 A3 p5 M9 ]' j) L
Hope to get your help.
6 e3 G- \6 j# [. a; K8 EThank you!

Reply 1# dm451 4 j8 Q/ o* ~8 K# F6 u" [. _
It's gone now, the 'spend 300 gold' prize has been reset and changed a couple days ago


On the official site there is this info, thats why its really available. Other opinions?


Reply 3# dm451 ( \% ~/ c5 V9 |# Y9 @7 R* a
It's there because it hasn't been removed. The OBT(open beta test) that had this event is over, fact is you missed it


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