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[Need Help] delete/reset Account

Can you give me some tips on deleting/reseting my account, i got messed up so -____- can someone help me ?
, o$ K, z) ^& O  M5 {9 ~9 J+ `+ t$ ?8 zPockie Ninja II Sociali cant delete my account so im wondering if anyone of you knows how to delete/reset it. Thank you

Reply 1# Sasuke
+ _# \5 @' Y  `# K) r- e3 r
3 t2 f& m  R: ~* ?& jOnly moderators can reset or delete o" y! @+ T0 B) n1 x: S7 b
6 _' [# E1 [4 M5 W8 I* V4 {, d4 G, ^
$ @- E  y3 w# d# ~Pockie Ninja II Social. [1 U* ?; v6 h+ p" W6 N7 A& y: v
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1 ?2 O$ F$ K! I
% ~7 B  p; Z( v6 a. |) S; C  NMake a new thread and give them these:
  e* R+ `0 F1 W) U1 x; qNinja ID
% l. w! e9 ~+ ]' ]6 j0 of Gold1 x! b* u& l5 F: d3 Y" H- ?
# of Ryo
3 K$ s* U- h! I- `. BVillage Level! n8 H/ j+ g% S+ ^" q
Black Heart Level0 S; Q2 F* ~! q, |5 X* l4 u1 V
Red Heart Level


Thank you i appreciate your help ^^.
0 d, T2 a3 w! M3 P) W1 r" mwell i thought i can delete it instantly but .. we need permissions though but thnx anyway dude :)


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