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Post Last Edited by youko15 at 3-20-2013 15:35 , i& n# A7 O1 P$ q# z0 L& \  r
8 M* n* y; r; |
someone can tell me the best array with these ninjas ? and lack someone skill for any ninja? only tell me example: 1 = S-Naruto


3-20-2013 15:31

Sasuke --- TsuchikagePockie Ninja II Social0 Y0 R& F$ r/ d9 v
Kushina --- Shodaime
; A5 L4 B5 T$ b3 Y4 TOro-Kabuto --- S-NarutoPockie Ninja II Social) J, y5 Z2 v/ y- I9 Q% v
Itachi --- Yondaime
) X1 k9 F6 m* n- uMadara --- Zetsu
$ g  v( T' m* P2 ~; M8 Q6 y9 I" f
, ~4 N. f4 E; w+ ?0 G4 f! C# kGive it a test. Maybe it helps


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